Buzzing Dark Pop recording artist Emmanuelle June unveils the rev-up music video for her body empowerment single “Badass Car,” out now via own imprint. Stream it here.

Produced by K.A.N.T.A., the hip-hop and alternative-infused track possess dual meaning, using a car as a representation of our bodies – the true vehicle driving us through our everyday lives. In the music video, the Sweden-born star seductively lounges throughout a classic vehicle while she sing about having the power to perceive our bodies in whatever way makes us feel badass.

“I got a badass car – The baddest car, once I drove the saddest car, I took off the scars now I shine like a star,” June sings.

Emmanuelle’s background as an actress offers a versatile set of talents clearly demonstrated both on stage and on screen. After performing in several productions off-broadway, June moved to Los Angeles and became more and more engulfed in the music scene, jamming with friends and manifesting lyrics from her poetry. June performed in post-punk and psych rock bands briefly before focusing her energy on her solo career as Emmanuelle June. She has also put on shoes at famed Los Angeles locations such as The Hotel Café and Moroccan Lounge with her band at the time, Whisper.

“Badass Car” follows June’s previously released trio of hit songs, like “Smokey Beast,” “Love Arcane” and “Stellar Babies.” June’s new video takes us in a different path than before — whereas in her previous videos, the young artist maintained a bit of mystery, in “BADASS CAR”, we are given a more transparent look as she sports a cool black leather jacket and a vintage train conductor cap, inviting the camera into her world with each brightly lit scene.

Emmanuelle June is anticipated to have a big 2022 that includes more new music and a forthcoming project. Watch Emmannuelle June’s new video for “Badass Car” below and for more on the rising star, follow her on Instagram.