Virginia Beach’s J.R.Clark is quickly becoming a new sensation with his craft lyrics, attention-grabbing persona, and phenomenal sound. The second album this year, the emerging artist’s 7-song effort latest is a defining moment as he delivers his passionate energy over based on a true story wordplay. His versatile background combined with his impressive industry experience makes him fully equipped for a long, successful career.

On the journey to indie superstardom, J.R.Clark shares, “I’m still touching on topics that encompass motivation and elevating to new heights as an independent artist because a lot of independent artists I see think you have to be signed to a major entity to get notable media coverage, streams, and even show booking; you just have to network and never take ‘no’ for an answer, just adopt a new business model and approach and the stars will align in your favor, you have to trust your process and be a believer.”

The latest collection introduces a more introspective mood combined with straightforward lyrics, positioning this as his most impressive project to date with standout tracks including “Perception,” “Levels of Trust” and “Up On Game.” The project stays true to J.R.Clark’s craft by highlighting his motivational spirit and vintage sound that ropes listeners in from the very start.

My State of Mind: The Prelude features guest appearances by Jett9, J.Ave, Jon Echols and Atlasmusic and Amerika Brown. The EP is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the rising star who can explore his full catalog, available now on all digital streaming platforms. You may continue to follow J.R.Clark’s journey daily on social media.

Get familiar with J.R.Clark today, stream the full EP below.