All-stars unite. Pharoah Phonix assembles an all-star cast of big-name guests for the first-ever compilation project, Pharaoh’s Gold Vol.1, on the Thomas Xavier-founded label. The project is fueled by an accumulation of the past success of Thomas Xavier and all past Pharoah Phonix releases previous to this, the momentum is shaping up beautifully. Stream it now via Pharaoh Phonix.

Features on the project include black a.m., Chomper, St.Sinny and Elevatd. The label’s biggest project to date, the compilation features five artists across five tracks that showcase a diverse lineup of rising talent covering a wide spectrum of house genres. Xavier takes the lead with the single, “I’m A Boss,” with a surprise guest concluding the project on “P&B.” Pharaoh Phonix’s compilation is cultivating a community around music, shows, and a label – all of which are steadily growing in popularity.

A fun-loving compilation for everyone, Pharaoh’s Gold Vol.1 is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans and the respective fanbases of all the collaborators involved. After the listen, continue to follow the collective for daily news and new music on social media.

Feel free to check out the full project below.