Today, Andrew X has released his latest single, “Where Ae You Now.” The piano ballad asks listeners to tell the people we love what they truly mean to us before it’s too late and they become simply a memory.

I wrote ‘Where Are You Now’ after coming across an old picture of a dear friend from the past in a box of old photos,” says Andrew on the new track. “Seeing the picture instantly took me back to how she made me feel when we were together. It also made me feel a fair amount of guilt about how I treated her, and a fair amount of regret due to the fact I never told her how I really felt about her, and how great of a person I really thought she was.”

“I don’t know where she is now, but I wish her the best, hope she doesn’t hold hard feelings, and hope that she has found love and is living a great life.”

Listen to “Where Are You Now” below.

Back in May, Andrew X announced that he will be releasing his new album, Driving At Sunset, on September 20th. The album was produced by Matt Goldman (Underoath, Anberlin), mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), and mastered by Ted Jensen (NEEDTOBREATHE, Florence + The Machine), and features breezy stories of unrequited love, earnest confessions, and genuine emotion color the ten songs on the new album. Lead single “Miracles” was released alongside the announcement, effortlessly blending modern sensibilities with a heartfelt homage to late 80s pop-rock influences.

Fans can pre-save Driving At Sunset now here.

On the new album, Andrew shares, “’Driving At Sunset’ is an album about reflecting on what is good in life, having the courage to deal with and overcome life’s challenges, and moving forward in life with great expectations of a bright future. It is my hope that these songs leave the listener feeling like they have been wrapped in the warmth and comfort of a summer setting sun.”


Andrew X driving sunset art


  1. Whatever It Takes
  2. Miracles
  3. In The Moment
  4. Jungle Love
  5. Where Are You Now
  6. Bridges
  7. October Winds
  8. Dancin’ In The Rain
  9. Out Of The Wild
  10. Warm Intentions