Hailing from Berlin, Milky Chance took over the alternative music scene with his single “Stolen Dance,” nearly a decade ago. Now, they’re back, ready to steal fans’ hearts and radio streams with “Synchronize.” 

This is a new era for Milky Chance, but they’ve also stayed true to the idiosyncratic and out-of-the-box music that everyone fell in love with all those years ago.

This groovy, electro-pop track is fused with nostalgia and what’s yet to come. It’s saturated with synths, feel-good lyrics, and a beat that’s guaranteed to get everyone moving. 

However, the music video does bring about a darker essence. Milky Chance tackles some of the most pressing feelings many have been dealing with over the past few years, like existential dread and sentimental idealism. It is portrayed by the band rolling into an apocalyptic town overrun by a ’60s-themed cult. The group appears to move together in harmony, driven by love and compassion. They spread that magical feeling to the duo, where they are suddenly overtaken by the spirit of movement. Both mesmerizing and eerie, everyone dances together in sync to welcome the end of the world. It is a profound look at how love can conquer our greatest fears.

This band’s eclectic, freewheeling approach to their music keeps fans coming back for more.