Today, rising alt/pop sensation Sophie Powers has returned with a brand new single “Obsessed.” The song features Ashley Sienna is out now via Atlantic Records.

No stranger to vitality, fans have been buzzing and waiting to hear “Obsessed” ever since the song was used by Ningning from K-Pop group aespa on TikTok.

“Obsessed” masterfully navigates the fine line between infatuation and self-awareness, offering listeners a chance to reflect on “liking someone even though they’re toxic”, which Powers says is “something I think everyone can relate to.”

“I wrote this song with Bonnie McKee, Camm Hunter, Liam Benayon and Mike Gonek (who produced the track). Ashley Sienna did a wonderful job writing her verse and performing on the track,” Powers continues. “Overall, this song originated from the perspective of a non-judgemental girl who makes questionable romantic choices. We can’t help who we love, or even obsess over. So why is there so much judgment surrounding someone’s partner? ‘Obsessed’ plays into the idea that a little obsession doesn’t hurt anyone…. most of the time….”

Listen to “Obsessed” below.