Making A Murderer was a huge win for Netflix. The late 2015 documentary series gripped the minds of viewers and dominated the cultural conversation for months as everyone had an opinion on whether Steven Avery was actually a murderer. The streaming platform will once again try to capture that fascination with crime next month with the release of The Keepers, which just got a new trailer.

This time around the focus is on Sister Cathy Cesnik, a Catholic nun teaching at a high school in Baltimore who was murdered in the 1960s. Former students of Sister Cathy have taken it upon themselves to solve her murder. The trailer promises a vast conspiracy behind the killing, centered around abuse in the church, cover-ups galore, and police and political corruption protecting those who did it. Watch the trailer below:

You have some time to do some internet detective work before the series is released. The Keepers will appear on Netflix on May 19.