I arrived at Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner venue around 10pm on the evening of April 2nd. Tucked deep into industrial Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the venue is home to some of the premier electronic live music performances and that evening, duo Bob Moses was bringing their Silence In Between Tour for a sold out hometown performance. Once I got inside the venue, the energy was insanity. Lights and lasers were flashing everywhere as opening DJ, Amtrac, performed and kicked the night off on a good note. I climbed atop the VIP platform on side stage and looked out over the crowd — the sea of hundreds of people were dancing, all with smiles on their face, and I knew it was sure to be a great night ahead of us.

Shortly after 11:30, the venue went dark and screams erupted throughout the room. It was finally time for the performance we’d all been waiting for! Bob Moses took to the stage and immediately kicked their performance off with “Time and Time Again.” As I stood in the photo pit, I found myself drawn to the passion that poured from all four of the musicians on stage in front of me. Lead vocalist, Tom Howie, has such a smooth and beautiful voice that flowed seamlessly over the accompanying music from his other half, Jimmy Vallance, and their bandmates Julio and Joe. 

Bob Moses continued to keep the energy high throughout the night, dropping in fan favorite hits throughout the setlist including “Inner Light”, their hit song with British DJ, Elderbrook, as well as an acoustic performance of “Enough to Believe”, which transitioned into the Jamie Jones Remix and the crowd went absolutely mental! 

It was such a treat getting to see Bob Moses perform. Aside from them being one of my favorite bands, I could truly see the passion shining through on their faces. At one point in the performance, Tom stepped onto the massive amps in the photo pit, in attempts to get closer to the crowd. Reaching out and making eye contact with every fan in the front couple rows, Tom has created such a sense of intimacy within this massive dance hall, in that moment. 

Bob Moses played a length 13 song setlist that kept the energy high all night and fans clearly did not want the night to end. Chants for an encore overpowered the venue and demanded that the band return to the stage. They did just that and kicked off their encore with a cover of INXS’ “Need You Tonight”. Fans were going wild, everyone was loving it! Bob Moses closed out their sold out hometown performance with the hit single “Love Brand New” off their most recent album The Silence In Between.

The Silence In Between tour is Bob Moses’ first nationwide headlining tour since pre-covid times and I could tell from their performance, just how much they missed live music. The talent was dripping from Jimmy and Tom throughout the entire evening and I could see that everyone was having the time of their lives. Walking out of Avant Gardner that evening, I was already craving my next Bob Moses show. I truly cannot wait to see what the future holds for this duo! 


Bob Moses