Indie rock band flor has been having a great year. With the release of their much anticipated sophomore album, ley lines, to great acclaim and thirty-one nights of touring with it under their belt, flor must be having the time of their lives. It certainly looked like it as they took the stage at LA’s Regent Theatre for their second-to-last night of tour, busting out in impromptu guitar solos and riling up the crowd with ease.

Check out the photos below, as well as some shots of openers Joan and Lostboycrow!


flor’s sophomore album, ‘ley lines’, a twelve-track, mellow album continues with the chill, feel-good vibe of their 2017 debut, ‘come out. you’re hiding’, and once again showcases flor’s remarkable versatility and ability to string seemingly mundane words into beautiful, meaningful lyrics.

“There’s a theory that important places of power like Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Giza are connected by invisible lines,” singer/guitarist Zach Grace shared earlier of the album. “As a parallel, I needed to find my own anchor points for belief and purpose. I realized you can build those roads yourself. Friends, family, and the band are my anchors. The music comes out of the ley lines.”

“We’ve gotten where we are by following our instincts, so when we started to record the album, it was important for me to believe in myself and our band,” shared singer/guitarist Zach Grace. “Ley lines are these pathways that connect places of power. I was drawn to the idea of these anchor points creating a route: this defining of a journey, and this strengthening through connection. The more we’re able to connect these anchors, the more we can trust ourselves, be unshakeable, and find happiness, regardless of the push and pull of the world around us.”

Despite being signed to a label, ley lines is entirely self-produced by vocalist Zach Grace and bassist Dylan Bauld. Working out of Bauld’s home studio in Los Angeles, the duo crafted the album between several writing sessions with guitarist McKinley Kitts and drummer Kyle Hill.