Los Angeles based, alt-pop artist Natalie Saint-Martin releases her latest single “2nd Place” along with a very captivating yet dark themed music video. Natalie is a classically trained pianist with a modern day hunger for the stage. She is eclectic, mysterious, versatile and powerful. Natalie weaves an elegant balance of relatable emotion, hardcore reality and tender fantasy into her vast catalogue of music. Drawing inspiration from her own journey and the harsh realities of life, her energy overflows onto the listener. 

“Life is an orchestra made up of three things. Our resilient hearts, our creative minds and our hard work. Yes fear will exist, but it is not allowed to be the conductor. Our feet are meant to be on the ground so our dreams can stay in the clouds.” – Natalie Saint-Martin



Where is the band/artist from?  Has your location/upbringing played a role in your sound/musical style?
Im originally from Atlanta, GA. A diverse city thats music roots are based in hip-hop and country. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 12 years old. I think the best ideas Ive ever had were inspired by my personal experience after moving here. Ive always believed telling the story of your own journey, is the most cathartic way to understand who you want to become as a musician and as a person.

What previous bands have you (each) been a part of?
I was in a band with a juniors and seniors when I was in 8th grade. It was the first time I ever played live and it was so much fun. I have my 8th grade band teacher to thank fo forcing me out of my shell and believing in the weird, melodramatic poetry I was writing at the time. I think he believed it was worth listening to. Thanks Mr. Shine.

Has the band ever gone on tour?  If so, what bands/artists have you toured with?
Ive never been on tour, but I look forward to it one day 🙂

What artists have influenced your musical style or shaped you as an artist/band?
John Prine, Amy Winehouse and Regina Spector.

List at least 3 genres into which you think your music fits:
Alternative, Indie, and (Alphabet) Pop. The last one is a genre I kind of made up. I love story telling, by the time I am finished writing a song sometimes I feel like I have used the every letter in the alphabet but thats my favorite part. Writing a beginning, middle and end. Telling a story. I suppose it makes sense to me in some funny way to call this a genre in itself, and that being Alphabet Pop”.

Are there any genres that influence your music conceptually, rather than sonically?
I love hip-hop. Rappers can be incredibly flexible in their writing, yet surprisingly rigid. There is a fluidity to every rappers style of storytelling that is so thought provoking. MF Doom is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Mac Miller was someone I grew up listening to. Somehow they both felt like my friend when I would listen to them. I admire both of these artists for their humor, originality and poignant, freedom they created when telling a story.

Name three artists/bands that you think your music is similar to:
Ive been told I remind people of Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez and Regina Spector. Although, Im not quite sure I sound like anyone, and in many ways Im really grateful for that.


About “2nd Place”

What are the inspirations and/or concepts for this particular album? Are there any running themes?
2nd Place was inspired by my journey living in Los Angeles for 10 years. The idea of being told if I manifest or believe in my dreams a little more, those feelings of doubt will start to melt away. I think there is truth in this, it always starts by looking in the mirror. But this song slowly turned into an anthem to myself. And hopefully to others… That though we may feel we are always ending up in 2nd Place, we are allowed to be 1st.

What does the album title mean? How does the album title relate to the music?
2nd Place is quite literal in many ways. Feeling second up in life, with the people you love, with yourself, like you’re always coming up short with the things you desire most and work hardest for.

When were you going through the songwriting process?

I was 19 living in my second apartment on my own, working 3 jobs. I worked at a hot yoga studio from 5AM to 2PM, at a restaurant from 4PM to 12AM and did housecleaning on Mondays and Tuesdays or on the weekend when I wasn’t working at my other jobs. I felt like every dream I had for music was looking more, and more  like a clogged toilet going up and down the drain again. One of those times  in life where you feel like you can’t do anything right. 2nd Place ended up being the outcome of those feelings. Something I am eternally grateful for.

When and where did you record?
I recorded this at David Holman’s studio in Los Angeles, a little after when I had originally wrote the song at my piano in my apartment in Downtown LA.

Who did you work with in creating the record? Did you have a heavy hand in the production?
It was just David and I when we made this record. He is still the only person I record and produce my ideas with. He took everything I couldn’t articulate verbally, down to the very last string and made it come to life. Aside from the melodies and piano playing, that production is 100% David and it’s one of the things I am most proud of with this record.



Please take a moment to explain the singles you will be releasing. Talk about the creation process, songwriting, any interesting production elements, or why they are particularly meaningful. Why did you choose this song? What’s the story behind the video? The more information, the better!
The writing process for 2nd Place was a lot like a roller coaster that hasn’t worked for three hours and people are angry, tired, and want to get off the ride.

But then it all clicks. The gears start creaking, the wheels are in motion and you feel like a power much higher than yourself has saved you from agony you didn’t think was possible to go through anymore.

I’m lucky to have experienced all of this, otherwise I’m not sure I would’ve gotten to the most incredibly exciting, liberating parts. When the ride is running again, you feel like you’re going 100 miles an hour and the world is finally ready to experience this mutual rush of insanity with you. That feeling is what it felt like recording. Playing this song at the piano watching the red recording-button blink at me like it had been waiting there so long. Filming the video was the final loopy loop at the end of the ride. Anticipation and excitement so overwhelming all you can do is react. The concept for the video was to be “floating” from a bridge, to convey the feeling of trying to stay afloat in the ocean with house sized waves above you.

To capture the way Murphys Law swings at us when we think we have nothing left. It really was a struggle though. I was hanging under that bridge with a gargantuan, cartoon like, wedgie from the harness holding me up. So ridiculous and hilarious all you can do is laugh that the DIY process of it all was the most rewarding part, now looking back. I chose this song because we all feel this way at some point in our lives, and it felt like it was the most appropriate way to begin the release of all the music we’ve made the last two years.

Is there anything in particular/noteworthy you feel needs to be said about the album, the band, or yourself that you’d like to be a focus?
No matter how many times you’ve felt like you’re meant to stay the runner up in life, you are always allowed to be 1st Place in your heart.



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