The grind doesn’t stop, it’s about going that extra mile.

Miami Hip Hop artist Cartier Dré is back with an addictive anthem for everybody who’s on their grind entitled “No Sleep”. Using a wide vocal range, Dré raps in both English and Spanish, combining catchy pop-leaning hooks with infectious melodies that keep listeners dancing from beginning to end. The former athlete-turned-recording artist delivers his best work yet as he prepares for a breakout 2022.

“No Sleep” is a hustler’s anthem, focusing on the daily grind it takes to become successful and the rewards that come with it. Becoming successful isn’t easy and you’re going to lose a lot of sleep if you want to get to the top. In the lyrics, Cartier speaks on the driving force behind his success and what it takes to succeed.

He sings, “Sleep is for the weak, I’ve been grinding everyday each and every week / I got money on my mind my favorite color’s green, I’m countin up this paper and I’m eatin up this cheese.”

Cartier credits the song’s inspiration to his love for artists like Kanye West, Drake and Kid Cudi. Dré’s style branches from a foundation of incredible acts whom he channels for inspiration both in and outside of the studio. “No Sleep” is just the beginning; we look forward to more music from Dré very soon. For more on Cartier Dre and his forthcoming project, follow him daily on social media.

Stream the new anthem below.