Today, The Habits premiere their latest single and video for “Don’t Need A Hero” here on Substream!



“Some people love to tell you that you’re not living right when you’re following your dreams and not doing what they think you should be. This song is about taking control of your own life and standing up for the person you believe you’re meant to be. Although it’s a little cheeky in its approach, the song is very personal. Writing it with Dave Rublin served as a reminder to ourselves that we have the power to be authentically us. Follow your gut and be yourself because nobody else can do that for you.” vocalist/guitarist Wolf Bradley



When Wolf Bradley and Andrew Macatrao first met as teens, they didn’t expect that their journey would lead to a long path of friendship and being on the cusp of becoming breakthrough musicians. Especially when that first encounter took place at Bradley’s parent’s ballet school in San Pedro. They weren’t enemies, but they certainly weren’t friends either. With a bunch of guys in the same age range, it was easy for them to be in direct competition with one another without becoming pals.

That would change soon enough. Bradley received a guitar as a present and, knowing that Macatrao played drums, they decided to jam together. All previous notions about one another went out the window and they became fast friends.

Over the years, members would come and go, leaving the duo as the only ones committed to making music seriously for the long haul. After cycling through a number of names, Bradley and Macatrao soon settled on calling themselves The Habits.

Their music quickly came together. The group’s melancholic lyrics are relatable, often telling stories of love, loss, and everything that could go right or wrong in between. Combine that with infectious bite-sized melodies, the recipe for success was there.

And not too long after, unsurprisingly, The Habits would make in-roads with tastemakers.

In 2019, the group’s single “Casual” would spend eight weeks in the Top 5, peaking at No.1 on hometown rock radio tastemaker KROQ’s “Locals Only” playlist. It wasn’t just in their hometown that the song would casually catch. SiriusXM’s Alt Nation and DC 101 added the song, quickly introducing the duo to a much wider audience.

After “Casual,” The Habits could have settled into making disposable pop rock songs, but that’s not who they were. Instead, they tore it all up to make songs that were true to their vision of what the band should be and what it meant to themselves on a personal level. Bradley and Macatrao were confident in their abilities. They had a new EP ready to roll that showed their bold new direction.

Then the pandemic hit. After a few months of deliberation, The Habits decided to unleash their What’s the Worst That Can Happen? EP to the world. The decision proved to be wise. The single from the EP, “Shoulders,” is well on its way to a million streams and won a Best Pop Video at the California Music Video Awards in 2021.

But Bradley and Macatrao had larger ambitions than being local heroes. Through a friend, they met American Authors bassist Dave Rublin. Instantly connecting on a professional and friendly level, Rublin produced and co-wrote The Habits’ latest earworm, “Don’t Need A Hero.” The goofy, yet artistic video encapsulates The Habits’ spirit and ethos as a band.

Instead of thinking outside the box, the band is making its own box. That upbeat attitude to go along with infectious songs is going to help propel them as they embark on a spring tour. With a new introspective EP titled I Think I’m Fine But I Don’t Know set to arrive later this year, The Habits are ready to spread their message even farther and wider than they have before.


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