Chicago recording artist eGo Jaleel tells a modern-day love story in the new single “Fontana,” which comes with a music video. In the Ryan Jordan Thomas-directed visual, Jaleel chases a love interest from Los Angeles to the San Bernardino County, while he raps about how sexy she is, but so hard to get. Stream it here.

While the video was beautifully directed, eGo Jaleel delivers refreshing style, charm and honesty. It’s a perfect introduction to eGo Jaleel. On making “Fontana,” he said, “Either it happens then I write it or I write it then it happens. No other way. This time, it happened. Fontana is really about realizing your worth.”

“Fontana” was released in 2020. In 2021, the emerging artist dropped a string of buzzing tracks, including “Traffic,” “View” and “Compadres.” He released his latest single “Over” at the top of 2022.

Watch “Fontana” now and follow eGo Jaleel here.