Biltmore Black is no stranger to the music scene. He’s been playing the background as a writer and producer for 15 + years quietly perfecting his craft. The artist hails from Phoenix, AZ – still an undiscovered playground when it comes to music talent; especially Hip-Hop. “Worldwide LA” is a salute to the west coast in general and marks his official entry as a solo recording artist. Black hand-selected his collaborator, Glasses Malone, and the west coast has been buzzing with support ever since.

According to Black, “I was sitting in front of the tv watching the Superbowl Halftime show and said this is the perfect time to release this record. Although, I’m a producer & writer that has many different styles.. west coast music is in my DNA. I have to Show love to J.Melo for bringing the vocal magic and co-writing the singing element of the song with me. The record would not be as big without a singer of his magnitude”

Glasses Malone states “There hasn’t been a song made in the last 20 years that’s more “Los Angeles” than Worldwide L.A. The record is as breezy as the land itself.”

As a producer and writer, Biltmore Black’s intention was to feature Glasses Malone and someone like Dom Kennedy, leaving himself off the record completely. However Glasses convinced him to leave his verse on the track.. A decision worth the while because Biltmore and Malone’s massive deliveries go together effortlessly.

Stream the new single below.