You are now being introduced to the next big thing in music.

New artist SEXPAYS makes his introduction and starts a movement with the release of his edgy and explicit debut single “Love,” out now via THEMACHINE.

Out the gate, the DJ-Producer takes us to a grungy NYC underground party with a seductive, therapeutic nu-disco-inspired house beat washes over the listener, giving both a sense of calm and energetic soulful spirit all conveyed in one go. On the trippy visual, SEXPAYS delivers his true self to a new audience and you will be hooked, instantly, with you addicted to wanting more immediately.

And with more new music to come in 2022, the rising star is only scratching the surface with this first offering, which develops an acquired taste from the fans eager to see what the new star drops next. “Love” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans looking for what the best spankin’ new artist is of the year, but look no further.

“‘Love,’ is my debut track and represents something new from me and totally fits the vision I was hoping for. Expect more from SEXPAYS.”

Check out the new track below and follow SexPays on social media for daily updates and more.