Craig Mabbitt is a busy busy dude. Not only does he front Escape The Fate, which just wrapped up its tenth anniversary tour for This War Is Ours with Blessthefall (a AZ band that he also used to sing for) and Islander (a South Carolina band that rocks despite the fact that Craig wasn’t in it), but his side project The Dead Rabbitts has a new EP coming out! On October 25th, “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT” the first single hit all streaming platforms. Read below while yelling at a random friend and/or family member to find out Craig’s top four screamo bands from Arizona that he hasn’t been in:

  1. The Cover-Up

SW: Craig, I’m dead and we’re just getting started.

CM: Beautiful.

SW: You are so beautiful. (pauses; dead stare from Craig) You’re such a gorgeous nightmare?

CM: (face palm)

SW: Anyway, I’ll cover my dad jokes up and begin.

CM: Good! The Cover-Up could write melodies like nobody’s business.

SW: I’m glad you showed me this band. I never heard of ‘em till you brought ‘em (cover) up.

CM: I see what you did there. This band was huge for me, and one of my first shows ever. It ruled.

SW: And since then you’ve featured the band’s vocalist Joe Cotela on nearly all of your subsequent band’s recordings… That’s cool in spite of the sea of darkness that normally permeates the music industry.

CM: I see what you did there too! Joe’s voice shone through Arizona.

  1. Scary Kids Scaring Kids

SW: Much respect to Arizona and SKSK. Such a tough loss.

CM: Very much so. Tyson Stevens was an underrated and talented vocalist. He will he missed.

SW: Agreed. Did you and Tyson ever hang or collaborate?

CM: Sadly no. We never even had the chance to hang out, but I sang for the band in 2009 at Warped.

SW: That would’ve been an immortal set to catch.

CM: It was a lot of fun. If I wasn’t listening to The Used or Story Of The Year’s albums in the 2005, I was rocking out to Scary Kids Scary Kids’ After Dark – EP.

SW: I need to change my priorities and check that shit out after we traverse to Greeley Estates.

  1. Greeley Estates

CM: This band is the reason that I am in a band. If THEY only knew…

SW: Now I see what YOU did there… (fist bumps him)

CM: Yup! My buddy Cole loved this band and Cole had a car. That was huge. We’d drive to GE shows in his Ford Bronco. I even got to see GE at a church!

SW: If we’re going out, let’s go out in style.

CM: Greeley Estates was a band that many including myself considered to be hometown heroes.

SW: I first heard the band on a Warped Comp, and watched ‘em play bigger and bigger Warped stages every few years.

CM: If the reader gets nothing else outside of this but a stream of a Greeley Estates album then I’ve done my job.

SW: If the reader doesn’t listen to at least one GE track, then he or she is just somebody that I used to know.

CM: Onto the next, best, and last.

  1. The Bled

SW: The Bled.

CM: Brutal.

Brutal is right. Like the Arizona weather! Heyo. Check out this playlist featuring one song by each aforementioned band and pick up/buy/stream the new Dead Rabbitts EP today!