After breakout hit “Oni,” Los Angeles recording artist Foxfrd shares his buzzworthy follow-up, titled, “Where Are All My Friends.” Having moved around a lot as a kid, Foxfrd never struggled to adapt to new environments. But when he moved to LA a few years back, all of that rapidly changed. Stream it here.

“Where Are All My Friends” stems from feelings of isolation during his first few months of living in the City of Angels. Alone in his studio apartment with zero AC, Foxfrd focused his efforts on building his music career. Whether or not you can directly relate to his message, the lush guitar strums and smooth vocal delivery of “Where Are All My Friends” is guaranteed to make you feel all the feels.

The visual is animated by none other than himself, which is objectively stunning. Left on a remote island in the middle of paradise, you can feel the character’s sense of emptiness as he contemplates the decisions that he’s made. Chronically dissatisfied with the shallow nature of the Los Angeles social scene, he ponders whether or not it’s worth it to have friends if they’re doomed to be fake. Midway through the video we are introduced to a strange entity; the female figure seems to share a spark with Foxfrd’s alias as she swoops in to protect him from something. Hesitant to accept her help, Foxfrd ends up catapulted to a new dimension where he’s then surrounded by blue sirens. Representative of ‘fake friends’, the mysterious figures surround Foxfrd as he makes attempts to understand the meaning behind their identities.

Now Los Angeles-based, Foxfrd got his musical chops during the time he spent in Memphis, TN. Foxfrd’s experience has received impressive endorsements and we’re thrilled to witness his visions as they continue to come to life.

Watch the animated film below.