Rising Alternative Popstar Lakookala keeps the momentum going from her recent hit, “Lonely Summer,” with the release of the new song and video for gritty anticipated follow-up, titled “The Wrong Places.”

The new artist at her most vulnerable yet, the song and visual addresses the over-sexualization of women exterior, whether than admiring their inner beauty. Complete honesty, the song’s raw lyrics put it bluntly that she’s simply been looking for love in all the wrong places. Stream it now.

An issue all women can relate to, Lakookala uses her past relationship fails to determine why she should continue to believe in true love. She sings: “Do you know what I’ve been looking for, Oh I’ve been locked out in and out of doors / To feel love without she, he and yours, Oh, I’ve been here, Oh I’ve lived here before.”

“When we continue to hold up unachievable beauty standards for women, it becomes an emotional prison where they are both afraid to be undersexual or oversexual at all times,” Lakookala explains in the press release. “This for me is exhausting and can leave us feeling unfulfilled in our life and our work . I hope women who listen to my song, and my music understand that wherever they are on this spectrum that they are enough, and that however they choose to present themselves everyday is enough. This is something I have struggled with in my identity since I was a very young woman, and am still learning to grapple with everyday as an artist.”

Directed by Meghan Weinstein, the visual is a psychedelic ride that displays the star facing herself in the mirror for a moment of clarity while dressing herself as the expectations society desires from our women. “The Wrong Places” is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan as Lakookala prepares for a skyrocketing 2022 with more new music on the way, which will lead up to a forthcoming full-length album.

“The Wrong Places” is available on all DSPs via Songs for the Mean. For more on Lakookala, follow the new star on social media.

Take a look at the brilliant new visual below.