Dallas, Texas recording artist The Vujà Dé has established himself as an artist-to-watch with his collection of new music and magnetic persona. His latest effort, All My Reasons, has become a 2021 favorite by most critics. As the year comes to a close and 2022 slated to be the new artist’s most anticipated yet, we speak with the rising star on developing his unique sound, his personal growth and more. Before you check out his catalog, learn everything about The Vujà Dé in new interview below.

Where did the name The Vujà Dé come from?

It came to me one night when I was stoned in bed watching a George Carlin stand up bit. He was telling a joke where he used the phrase “vujà dé” as the opposite of déjà vu and idk ever since then I couldn’t get it out of my head. I just loved how it felt saying it + the meaning. I also like how the name is ambiguous.. People don’t know if it’s a band, producer or a singer.

Talk to us about your early years, what were you like as a younger version of The Vujà Dé? Did it play a part in what you are today?

The younger version of myself would get really obsessed with whatever I was into at the time.. Whether it be sports, skateboarding, video games and eventually music. So I think that obsessive part of my brain is what kept me focused and excited all these years to keep making new music. It’s the only passion that has really stuck with me since I was kid.

How long have you been creating music?

About 13 years.

To all the new listeners, what are 2-3 must-listen songs from your catalog?

Kinda hard to say but I guess Backseat, Is This What You Wanted? and Angel. That gives a nice range of styles I dip into.

If you could describe your music in 2-3 words what would they be?

Beachy, chill, eclectic.

Who were some of your influences growing up? Musical influences?

Age 12-15 I was all about pop punk, so Blink-182, Sum 41, New Found Glory etc. Age 16-19 the two bands I worshiped were Say Anything & Senses Fail (really anything emo/heavy was my vibe til about 20 y/o.) Around 20 my musical taste changed a bit and I listened religiously to Citizen Cope, anything Pharrell released or produced, and Miguel. I also got really obsessed with chillwave around the same time in my early 20’s which made a big impact on how I color my songs with verb/delay. Artists like Washed Out & Neon Indian are notable influences of mine.

Where is The Vujà Dé from?

I was born in a East Texas town called Longview but immediately moved to San Antonio after I was born. I lived in SA til I was 10, then moved around to a couple different cities surrounding the DFW area throughout my middle school/high school/college years. I usually just say I’m from Dallas though cause that’s the most well-known city to people who aren’t from the DFW area.

What was it like growing up in Dallas, Texas? Was music something that was accepted as a career path?

Dallas has a cool little music scene in Deep Ellum, where all the local clubs and venues are. I didn’t feel like it was a place to really make a name for myself with the music I was pushing at the time. I felt out of place, so I made the move to LA.

Can you talk to us about your pen, your craft and abilities? Where did the abilities come from?

I imagine I get some of my natural ability from my mom who is a talented painter. I think I have her same creative mind but mine is expressed through melody and rhythm (I’m a terrible painter). Lyrics come slow to me most of the time but the music pours out quick.

Do you tend to freestyle or write?

a little of both, I almost always start with freestyling melody on the mic then I piece words together from the gibberish I hear.