Haunting indie-pop songstress Kailee Morgue is back with a vengeance and has today released her new music video for track “Butterflies”, out via Thriller Records. Not only that, but fans can also look forward to a new Kailee Morgue EP coming in Spring 2022.

“Butterflies is a big “F you” type of track. I hadn’t put music out in so long I wanted to make sure I came back with a BOLD song. It’s really the start of a new era and this character that I’ll be taking on called the “Bad Witch”. The first chapter of her story had to feel vindictive and raw so this track tackles that emotional vulnerability and rage!” – Kailee Morgue



Kailee Morgue delivers a delightful dichotomy between saccharine songstress and a dabble with the dark side on new single “Butterflies”, her first release with Thriller Records. The music video is the first of a series of stunning visual vignettes that form episodes in the Bad Witch story, leading up to the release of her new EP in spring 2022. It also marks the start of an incredible new era for the Phoenix-born, LA resident who has already amassed a rabid core fan base with fast-rising TikTok followers since her 2018 breakout track “Medusa” via Republic Records.

Go to BadWitch.Club or call/text (818)-666-2060 to join the incredible immersive world of Kailee Morgue.

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