Today, alternative rock band Grizfolk arrives with their striking new EP, Sign of the Times – an inviting cohesive collection of songs built through the band’s uncompromising creative spirit.

Recorded in Venice, CA with longtime collaborators and producers Allen Blickle and Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade), intimate musical interplay channels the band’s confidence and creativity to exceed expectations, leap over boundaries, touch on escapism, and break the rules together on Sign of the Times.

Their unpredictable and undeniable signature style co-mingles elements of alternative, indie, rock, country, and electronic tied together with evocative and rich songcraft. Featuring the cinematic “Medicine Man,” the delicate “Gold,” the hypnotic “Decoy,” and the harmonically rich, “Paper Cranes,” Sign of the Times culminates with its emotional release showcasing Grizfolk’s bond and music are stronger than ever.

Grizfolk has steadily carved out a niche for themselves in the music scene with their unique blend of music and heartfelt lyricism. Comprising members Adam Roth, Sebastian Fritze, Fredrik Eriksson, and Bill Delia, Grizfolk’s sound is characterized by its infectious energy and introspective depth, earning them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

The collective burst into the scene with their 2014 debut EP, Spark, followed by 2016’s full-length Waking Up The Giants [2015], Rarest of Birds [2019], and the self-titled Grizfolk [2021]. They’ve toured with the likes of Bastille, Twenty One Pilots, and Andrew McMahon, racked up hundreds of millions of streams, and earned praise from outlets like Billboard, American Songwriter, Substream, Atwood, FLOOD, and more.

One of Grizfolk’s most notable contributions to the music scene lies in their ability to seamlessly merge disparate genres, creating a sound that feels both familiar and refreshingly original. Drawing on influences ranging from classic folk to contemporary electronic music, the band’s sonic palette is rich and diverse, offering listeners a dynamic listening experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

At the heart of Grizfolk’s music lies a sincerity and vulnerability that resonates deeply with audiences. Their lyrics often explore themes of self-discovery, love, and the human experience, imbued with a sense of honesty and authenticity that feels genuine and relatable. This emotional depth, coupled with infectious melodies and captivating instrumentation, has garnered the band widespread acclaim and solidified their place in the indie rock landscape.

Beyond their musical contributions, Grizfolk has also made an impact through their engaging live performances and dedication to connecting with fans. Known for their energetic stage presence and intimate rapport with audiences, the band has cultivated a loyal following through their electrifying live shows, further cementing their influence on the music scene.

In a genre where musical boundaries are increasingly fluid and innovation is prized, Grizfolk stands out as a beacon of creativity and authenticity. With their distinctive sound and poignant lyricism, they have left an indelible mark on the music scene, inspiring both fans and fellow musicians alike. As they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of their craft, Grizfolk’s influence is sure to endure, shaping the landscape of indie rock for years to come.

The new era of Grizfolk may best be described as an eponymous genre encompassing both the band’s name as well as their sound, created during a time of extreme planetary tension and only succeeding because of the sense of camaraderie they were able to maintain despite the circumstances.

“We never want to sound like anybody else. It’s familiar, but it’s always uncertain. We never know where it’s going or what it’s going to sound like. So, the possibilities are endless.” – Adam Roth (leads vocals/guitar).



Sign of the Times
Paper Cranes
Medicine Man

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