Enter the world of the next big star in Hip Hop/R&B. Emerging NYC star Dxddy Mxxn capitalizes on his newfound fame with the release of a formal introduction in new EP, properly titled Dxddy World. Connecting grassroot followers with newly discovered fans, Dxddy Mxxn delivers a personal subject matter of R&B that’s been missing in the current landscape.


Dxddy World is a six-song introduction that tells the rollercoaster lifestyle of the New York artist as he navigates his emotions, desires, vulnerability, and more addressing coming-of-age topics like manhood, love, heartbreak and survival. Including his lead single “Ride,” the project has notable mentions “Link Up,” “Latina” and “So Cold.” While still relatively unknown to most, the EP is arguably his best work yet.

“This EP, for me, consists of some of the most vulnerable music I ever made,” he shares in a press release. “The most comfortable I ever been in my style/sound. Sometimes we hold so many emotions in because we don’t want to show any weakness, especially as men. But it isn’t necessarily healthy for our hearts to do so. We have it to “Let It Sing.” Big ups to guys like Usher, Ja Rule, Drake, Bryson, Party. You know all the singing ni–as that came before me that created a space for an artist such as myself to live in the business. Moving forward I made a pact that I wanted to further allow the audience to know who I truly am aside from the dark moods, lust and heartbreak. I have big a heart and I love, love even though it hurts sometimes. I want every girl in the world no matter how insecure or secure she may be in herself to feel like my music is a safe space for her heart. It’s summertime we just beat up the covid everyone wants to let loose enjoy life and live it to the fullest so why not match that energy through the music as well. No matter how beautiful or unbeautiful the world may deem you, I want you to feel like the baddest chick, the sexiest when you tune into my sound.”

An artist-to-watch, Dxddy Mxxn first arose on legitimate radars with the popularity of the breakout song “Ride.” You can hear the pride in every word that comes out of the new artist.

Dxddy Mxxn is another promising star of the fast-rising All Season Records roster, founded by established tastemaker Shay Royale and Chris “DJ C-Stylez” Hylton. Gaining undeniable popularity this year for his real-life storytelling, unique sound, Dxddy Mxxn elevated the signature aesthetics through 2021 with “Ride,” followed by his latest single “Vibez,” after securing a deal with Create Music Group. Dxddy Mxxn self-made artistry and execution are paying off: the buzzing recording artist currently has a surge of new discovery streams after his debut single is spreading like wildfire via word-of-mouth.

“Ride,” “Vibez” and Dxddy World is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan as he ascends to the mainstream landscape. And with the success of Dxddy World, Dxddy Mxxn promises more new music coming late-2021 with the revelation of a forthcoming debut in the works. No official release date announced, the forthcoming debut is built on immense anticipation for the artist’s steadily growing cult-like fanbase.

A must-hear you don’t want to miss. Dxddy World is available now via All Season Records/Create Music Group.After Dxddy World, for more on Dxddy Mxxn including new music and daily updates, follow the rising star on Instagram.

You can stream the new project by Dxddy Mxxn below.