Today, alt/pop star phem has teamed up with long-time friends and pop/rock outfit Waterparks for a catchy new single, “cheerleader.”

The song, which marks the first single off phem’s forthcoming debut album, serves as a sparkling start for the pop singer and is undoubtedly one of her catchiest tunes to date. The song even withholds an uplifting message for anyone who’s ever been knocked down and had to pick themselves up and how to be your own cheerleader.

This illusory world can make you feel like a real loser sometimes. So I wrote myself an anthem. A song that tells it like it REALLY is,” phem says. “‘cheerleader’ is the song that encourages you to keep going, and give yourself a little credit for never giving up. I’ve always had to be my biggest cheerleader… especially during my darkest moments. The moments only I could pull myself out of. This song is for all the people who dropped off. Who left me to pick up the pieces and figure it out by myself. It’s all good. I’m doing even better without you.

It came together pretty organically.. i posted a snippet of me singing the song on my insta and then awsten hit me up about it.. he said he really liked it.. which was like the biggest compliment in the world,” phem continues to explain on working with Waterparks. “Waterparks had already had me on both their US and European tour, so it was cool to finally make some art together.. he’s unbelievable in so many ways. i really look up to him as an artist and songwriter.. he inspires me to push myself and keep improving. he’s the real deal… it’s an honor to have him on my song.”

Listen to “cheerleader” below.