LA-based hard rockers Analog Party deliver fierce blues-influenced riffs and rolling drum grooves, underneath an impassioned and powerful vocal performance with their latest single, “Blind Driver”.

Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Animaan Pathak says, “I remember watching the Australian wildfires on the news in late 2019 and wondering how so many people around me could just go about their lives, desensitized to this horrific destruction of nature. I began to reflect on how most people are completely desensitized to things until they are directly affected. I focused the lyrics on that feeling of collective dread and apathy, and how people find solace in escapism…little did I know what 2020 would bring! Musically, this track is definitely inspired by all-time favorite bands of ours like Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, with a slight blues touch, like the slide guitar present in the main riff and guitar solo. The chords in the bridge remind me of Revolver-era Beatles though.”

Having released standalone singles “Absolution” and “One” over the past year, Analog Party is continuing work on songs for a future full-length debut, and is playing their first show in over a year at Resident in downtown LA on June 30th. (Photo by David Fearn)


“Analog Party delivers a familiar sound and style from the 90’s grunge era. With hints of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains, this LA based rock band has found a way to re-create a sound with their own recipe.” – Substream Magazine owner, Jason McMahon


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