There’s no guide to navigating a breakup. That would make things way too easy. Instead, we’re left on our own to sort through the wreckage and attempt to piece our lives back together. It’s made even harder when the other person in the relationship keeps trying to play with your emotions while you’re going through everything. It can be a frustrating, depleting experience for all involved. Pop artist Iris feels that frustration, and she’s walking us through her feelings on new song/music video “Wait.” The track dropped this morning, and we have the premiere of the music video right here on Substream.

The song itself is mostly an acoustic affair, with a guitar and a pulsing drum kick making up the main instrumental. Iris is in mid-breakup in the lyrics, and her frustration is palpable. The other person in the relationship still thinks they can make choices for her, and she’s over it. “What you want me to do? Stop telling me to wait” she sings on the chorus, putting her foot down firmly. The production effects that amplify her voice towards the end of the track are placed perfectly to enhance the emotional peak of the track. “Wait” is a cathartic listen for anyone who has been in a similar situation.

The music video provides some of the peace Iris is looking for. The entire video is filmed as if through an ’80s era camera, and finds her alone with her thoughts. The flower-covered hills she roams make for a beauitful backdrop to look at, and provides contrast to the emotional turmoil in the lyrics. Iris gives a strong performance on her own out in nature, selling the message of the song.

Asked about the meaning behind the song, Iris says “You can’t control when a relationship is over, nor can you just turn your feelings off. Sometimes, the other person just doesn’t understand that it’s not so black and white – there’s a million shades of gray.”

You can listen to “Wait” through Spotify and watch the music video below. Iris can be found on Twitter and Instragram.