Today, Turnstile have returned with a brand new single, “Mystery.” The single marks the first taste of new music from the band since their 2018 breakthrough album, Time & Space.

On “Mystery,” Turnstile search for beauty and find peace in the unknown as they reject the notion of ‘normal.’ For Turnstile, there is no ‘normal,’ only their truth, and the endless possibility of magic when you remain open to the truth of others; singing praise to the infinite mysteries of the universe.

Bringing superhuman energy to the stage, TURNSTILE are scheduled to perform at Dover, Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival (9/23) and Louisville, Kentucky’s Louder Than Life (9/24). Full Tour dates can be found here.

Listen to “Mystery” below.

Always more appeal than demand, more liberation than limitation, TURNSTILE extended their hand in 2018 with TIME & SPACE.  Recorded with producer Will Yip, TIME & SPACE marked Turnstile’s Roadrunner Records debut and saw the band exploding the most outsized tropes of hardcore with tremendous heart. The album earned “Best of 2018” honors from The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR Billboard and more, with GQ naming TIME & SPACE one of “The Best Albums That Shaped the 2010s.” Continuously looking outward, TIME & SPACE presented the sound of a band operating without boundaries, always growing, always in super-motion.