Satin Puppets unveil “Circus Tent”, the latest single of their dark and whimsical musical venture. teaming up with producer Nxghtshade to produce the track and enlisted dark artist Storyteller to direct the music video.

The California gothic, pop duo truly embrace the weird and wonderful. The group is composed of twin sisters Julia and Joanna Araujo who began their dark angelic vision by sharing their art and personal style on their popular TikTok and Instagram pages. Through their mystic core music and eerily dreamy visuals, Satin Puppets hope to remind you that there is magic to be seen all around, you just have to take your puppet strings and set yourself free. (Photo Credit: @jxpaz)



“We wrote Circus Tent to communicate the feeling of spiraling powerlessly in the vortex of evil. Spiraling in our routines without ever looking up to keep ourselves in check,” said the twins. ‘Circus Tent’ is about breaking out of negative habits. Becoming aware of what is holding us back and letting go of thought patterns that do not serve us. Soon, our actions shall begin to reflect our shift and our realities will begin to change. Breaking out of the matrix, we shall serve a power hungry source- no longer. The circus show shall commence in pain and in fear- no longer. The drowned dream shall surface and we shall rise above. Like the carousel from our past who floats in the skies of pastel cotton”

– Satin Puppets


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