I would appreciate a round of applause if you’re reading this. I said my new years resolution was to do this article more consistently, and here I am: three weeks in a row. I know it got off to a rocky start, in terms of consistency, but who cares. Past is the past. Should I deserve applause for doing what I said I would and sticking to my word, you may ask yourself. Perhaps I’m biased but: yes.

I’ve been watching a lot of horror movies recently. I don’t know what that means, but it’s just a thing that’s been happening. I rewatched all of Nightmare on Elm Street, which is my favorite horror series ever, despite how off the rails it gets. Now I’m powering through Friday the 13th, which will culminate in the incredible Freddy Vs. Jason. I don’t really know what’s after that.

There’s truly no point to this introduction as usual, but I figured maybe you would want to know what I’ve been up to. And also: word count. Anyway, suffice to say I’ve probably wasted enough of your time thus far with this, so let’s carry on to the five songs you need to hear that were released last week, yeah? Vamanos!

 Tyler Posey – “Shut Up” feat. phem, Travis Barker

Is there anything that Tyler Posey cannot do? I think at this point, the answer is a resounding no. While he broke through into the limelight through acting, Posey has spent the last few years diving in and exploring his love for music. From PVMNTS to Five North, Posey has shown that he’s as dynamic as he is talented. Now, during the pandemic and being separated from his bandmates in Five North, Posey turned solo for the time being — giving us his first solo single, “Shut Up,” which is perhaps his most personal single to date. Buried underneath the pop-punky hooks is the story of how the pandemic, in it’s early days, backed him into a corner of rotating bad habits — and it’s a story worth hearing for yourself.

Kali Masi – “Freer

Kali Masi is gearing up to release their new album, [laughs], on March 26th via Take This to Heart Records, and based on what we’ve heard so far, it’s gonna be a good one. “Freer” is the most recently single to be released from the album, and it starts slow before the climax hits and the rest of the band come in full force — not unlike a classic Taking Back Sunday song. “Freer” is a reflection on young suburban friendship, soured beneath the heat lamp of a city’s setting sun. “So much of the album is carved out by the pursuit of inner-freedom, inner-peace, how to escape, and what it is we’re escaping from,” guitarist/vocalist Sam Porter explains. “‘Freer’ is about holding ourselves accountable for our own states, regardless of how damaged, tired, or free we are.

Wild Truth – “No Filter

We premiered this song last Friday, and had to re-share it here just in case you missed it. “No Filter” finds Wild Truth showing off their pop-rock chops, with vocals that sound reminiscent of Patrick Stump or Brendon Urie. Musically, though, they couldn’t be further off from Fall Out Boy or Panic! at the Disco; instead think something that you may find on an older Walk the Moon record. Wild Truth signed to the newly-launched and already impressive record label that is Open Your Ears Records, so keep an eye on this band and this label as they quickly look to make a name for themselves.

Clubhouse – “Heartbroke”

Columbus, Ohio pop-rockers Clubhouse had to take an unexpected year long pause due to Max Reichert’s battle with bone cancer, but they’re now back and ready to prove that they’re better than ever. These new songs are set to mark new soil for the band after his recovery, and most recently Clubhouse released “Heartbroke” last week, which is smooth sounding indie/pop track that details the waves of emotions we go through when dealing with a breakup. As the band puts it themselves, “‘Heartbroke’ isn’t just about one of our experiences with someone we loved. It’s a combined reflection from all five of us on those relationships that drove us absolutely nuts. When you love someone so much, but you know you’re going crazy trying to make it all work.

Small Calamities – “Waste My Time”

The Los Angeles-based rockers, Small Calamities, just released their latest single, “Waste My Time,” last week and there was no way I could leave it off of this list. The single represents the band’s vast influences and sound all too well, as they often navigate between punk angst, power pop hooks, heartland sincerity, with a splash of Americana thrown in because, well, why not? On the new single, lead vocalist Charlie Wolf shares, “I was thinking about how sometimes people get older without really maturing or learning which led to this song – ‘I’m not getting any older, I’m just getting old.’ Marcos Mena of the band standards is a friend of a friend and played some of the guitar parts on this which was super cool.” They’re gearing up to release their new album, Moment of Impact, on April 9th, you can find more details here.