Hailing from Dallas, Texas, contemporary R&B artist Soulo is set to take the music world by storm. With his modern take on a timeless genre, Soulo brings a classic soulful sound to modern R&B instrumentals. He has been involved with music his whole life, finding love for R&B at a young age. He plans to make 2021 the beginning of a special career by turning heads in the industry as the new kid on the block.

The 21-year-old artist may be considered a rookie. However, he brings a seasoned and veteran approach to his music, which will put him in a position to claim rookie of the year.

He notes his influences as the likes of Drake, Frank Ocean, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. But make no mistake, the sound he has created is his own. To be often mimicked, but never replicated. BOY WONDER

(Press Photo Cole Devore ig:@coledevo_)

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