Toledo-based rockers Citizen is gearing up to release their new album, Life In Your Glass World, later this month (March 26th) via Run for Cover Records. Since announcing the record back in January, the band have released two singles to introduce fans to the new era of Citizen: “I Want to Kill You” and “Blue Sunday.”

Today, the band are sharing one more early single with fans: the fiery “Black and Red.” The new single continues to show fans just how much Citizen challenged expectations on Life In Your Glass World, refusing to be easily defined and wholly themselves. The contrast between “Black and Red” and “Blue Sunday” is stark: where “Blue Sunday” showed off their dreamy and atmospheric side, “Black and Red” is a towering rock song. “Black and Red” captures Citizen’s focus on blending propulsive rhythms with anthemic hooks and pounding bass lines, and deserves a listen.

On the new single, Citizen’s Mat Kerekes explains, “The song is about someone who leeches off of your efforts and turns out to be a bad friend on top of that, Nick wrote the guitar line late in the writing process, but we had to use it and ended up being the last song we wrote for the record.




  1. Death Dance Approximately
  2. I Want To Kill You
  3. Blue Sunday
  4. Thin Air
  5. Call Your Bluff
  6. Pedestal
  7. Fight Beat
  8. Black and Red
  9. Glass World
  10. Winter Buds
  11. Edge of The World