Skylet Gunner, an L.A.-via-New York singer-songwriter with provocative lyrics and the strong presence of female empowerment, is ready to ascend from underground obscurity to mainstream superstardom and prepares the elevator ride with the release of her red-hot new single, titled, “Confessions of a Murdered Heart.” Written in a New York Pizzeria, she reminisces on her lonesome nights binging on Netflix and ice cream after being utterly crushed by a breakup with someone she knew was bad for her in the first place. For the visual, Gunner draws from past heartbreaks and rom-com memories to create her defining debut.

Directed by Bethany Gould, “Confessions Of A Murdered Heart” is the “dead girl walking” anthem; a story from the perspective of a strong woman who chooses to make bad decisions, leaving her feeling void. There’s always that one person who you can’t help yourself from wanting despite a tired history of tribulations. You feel dead inside but you keep going, dragging your heart along with you. Let’s be honest, we’re all a little broken.

The new single sets up a promising 2021 for the rising star which includes more new music and a new album, currently untitled. Gunner’s sound is alternative pop. A soundscape of moody beach guitar blended with organic and electronic elements, topped with sultry vocals. Her music oozes sensuality with provocative lyrics and themes of female empowerment, self-reflection, and millennial romance. For Skylet, creativity is a form of power.

When creating, Gunner says, “Take responsibility and own your shit, because that’s when you truly get to know yourself and gain control.”

Watch the new video for “Confessions of a Murdered Heart” below and stream it here. For more on Skylet Gunner, follow the new artist on Instagram.