Meet the remarkable Soli Corbelle.

A hotshot New York Art Dealer making a name for herself right now using her talents to leave a lasting impact on the art community. The 28-year-old New Yorker was introduced to the art world at a very influential age. Growing up in a household made up of collectors and visiting weekly history classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art sparked a unique flame in her that never died.

At 15, Corbelle began generating experience with various auction houses, museums and galleries, jumpstarting her career in art. Eventually, Soli connected with Phillips, Sotheby’s, Marlborough Gallery and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, which led to her working with Manolo Valdes, Jack Tworkov, and Harry Bertoia. Her hard work never went unnoticed and she consistently figured out ways to reinvent herself.

Show below, see several photos of Corbelle’s collection via Instagram.

By the age of 25, Soli became a director of the New York flagship of Galleries Bartoux, an international gallery with over 15 locations worldwide. Two years later, her hard work finally paid off. She left to work as a private advisor for distinguished collectors across the globe, which led to the launch of her new venture, LUSH Art Agency.

With a new Art Agency under her belt, this New York creative is reaching new heights as professional. The Lush Art Agency is opening galleries in Dallas, Los Angeles and A Coruña (Spain) in 2020 and will be a premier art agency to be on the lookout for.

When asked about what is next, Soli responded:

“The next exhibition will take place (a group show) in January 2020 in the Tribeca Location. Following that we are participating in Zona Macó in Mexico City in February and have the launch in April of an exhibition through 11-7 Projects.”

As Soli Corbelle continues to shake things up in the art world, she plans to take over the game in 2020! Follow the journey for daily updates and more on Instagram.