This is the second of five articles for the “Week Of Waldman”. T is for Tuesday. T is also for the word “Top”; don’t @ me. T is NOT for the word “Bradley”; don’t @ Bob. Bob rocks the bass for Fake Figures, owns and operates his own PR firm called Bradley Publicity, and is a frequent fun collaborator on these articles. Bob IS OC as fuck, so this was extra fun.
Here are our top ten bands from Orange County:

10. Home Grown

SW: We’re starting this list with weed.

BB: And it’s legal now, bro! Go figure.

SW: Fake figures! Laws went nowhere slow.

BB: The constitution is just a face in the crowd, bro.

SW: Bro. Bro! Kings Of Pop is one of the best pop punk albums of all time AND it is an underrated Drive-Thru Records release.

BB: That’s business, bro.

9. Save Ferris

SW: Stop calling me bro, dude. Speaking of sexes, Save Ferris is fronted by one of the best female vocalists I’ve ever heard live. Seriously.

BB: It Means Everything meant a lot to teenage Bob.

SW: Girl, same.

BB: WOW! I thought nobody but me felt that way.

SW: Sorry my friend. A lot of people under the age of 21 dug that album.

BB: Yup.

SW: Goodbye.

8. Something Corporate

BB: Hello.

SW: Sup.

BB: Another Drive-Thru Band on this here list… That label was like a hurricane.

SW: (fist bumps him) Well played. (pauses) I’m normally the fall guy.

BB: Good news: A piano has never fallen on me.

SW: That shit would’ve brought you down, son.

BB: I love 311.

7. Atreyu 

SW: Speaking of Omaha rap-rock, here’s Atreyu.

BB: Nebraska’s grace.

SW: Yo, this band can play its instruments well. Respect.

BB: Respect to the drummers who can sing whilst slapping the sticks!

SW: I can feel it coming in the air tonight.

BB: So fuckin’ blow those words out the back of your head!

SW: No.

BB: (pauses) Hi, Travis.

SW: Hi, Travis.

6. Reel Big Fish

BB: There was a Travis in Reel Big Fish.

SW: Reel talk: This is my favorite band on this list.

BB: Turn The Radio Off is a monumental ska-punk record.

SW: It is and was! Why Do They Rock So Hard? is my favorite RBF album.

BB: It’s been fun fishing for OC bands with you.

SW: And we’re only halfway done… We care. All I want is more!

5. Thrice

BB: And more you shall receive, sir. The earth would shake if we didn’t include Thrice on this here list.

SW: We would feel it for miles.

BB: Depending upon where we are, just be careful not to stare at the sun.

SW: K.

BB: Teppei shreds.

SW: He does! I saw Thrice open for Anti-Flag in the early-2000s and I was blown away by the band’s guitar heroics.

BB: (sings) Thrice could be your hero, baby.

4. Avenged Sevenfold

SW: A7X = more guitar heroics performed by better musicians than whoever is reading this

BB: Dude.

SW: Respect.

BB: Respect! I have an unholy confession to make: I love this band’s guitar solos.

SW: Girl, same. It’s insane how huge this band has gotten. More respect.

BB: Aretha.

3. Social Distortion

SW: California.

BB: Social D is California’s soundtrack.

SW: I have no counter argument. That’s the story of my life.

BB: I love One Direction.

SW: Yo, Harry Styles’ solo record rules.

BB: Harry is an indulgence of mine.

SW: (pauses) California.

BB: I LOVE Phantom Planet.

2. The Offspring

SW: I LOVE The Offspring.

BB: I LOVE Gringo Bandito. That’s the sauce. FYI: It helps pay my mortgage.

SW: Mortgages are so punk rock, bro.

BB: You gotta keep ‘em separated.

SW: With jokes like that, you’re gonna go far, kid.

BB: Scott, your compliments enhance my low self esteem.

SW: That’s pretty fly.

BB: Let’s ixnay this band and go straight for number one!

1. No Doubt

SW: No.

BB: Doubt.

No diggity. We’re 2/5 done with these. You tired yet? If not, blast this playlist now so us dads can nap.