The Canadian singer-songwriter Ava Kay has released her debut cinematic pop song titled
“Wild Again.”

This song is rich, minimalist, and atmospheric. It’s complemented by euphoric strings and haunting vocal melodies, it is a tranquil combination of feelings in an emotional soundscape.

Ava Kay has obtained gold records and international radio hits. Her songwriting career has landed her with over 40 million streams and counting. 

The Toronto star has taken the winning approach to her writing career and added her effortless but deeply moving lyrics into the mix. 

She describes her songwriting as “a feeling, a release, an expression.” Her sound is a combination of feelings in an emotional soundscape. 

“I often crave calm, reflective music myself and I wanted to be able to create songs that were true to that, while still making records that people can connect to without it feeling too insular, Wild Again feels like all that without any compromises” shares Kay. “The musician confides, “I think the artists I am influenced by the most are those who are true to their musical landscape and are able to convey an emotional sentiment in a distinct manner that is undeniably their own sound.”

With Ava’s wide range of success ranging from every medium and genre in the entertainment industry, it is no doubt she is going to shine through when her EP Go drops later this year.