Michigan’s For The Fallen Dreams have SIX albums under their belt and they’re not stopping any time soon. Producer/songwriter Jonathan Dolese is a super fan of the band and wanted to join me to rank their epic discography:


  1. Wasted Youth (2012)


JD: Wasted Youth came out during my sophomore year in high school. It didn’t go over as well with me back then, but I revisited it and I enjoy it more as an adult.


SW: You have no one to blame but yourself.


JD: Love it! “Resolvent Feelings” is incredible. 2021 Jonathan loves it a lot.


SW: When push comes to shove, For The Fallen Dreams manages to create music that is the opposite of hollow.


JD: These dad jokes might cause your funeral.


SW: Moving forward, let’s get to the prior release.


  1. Back Burner (2011)


JD: The Back Burner album was monumental to me as a songwriter. The first two tracks in particular made a great impact on my musical palate.


SW: This was the record that turned me onto the band. There were a lot of bottom feeders during that time.


JD: Tom Denney (formerly of A Day To Remember) did a phenomenal job conveying the message that I believe the band went into the studio with. His touch on the record helped me pay close attention to the lyrics while still being hard-hitting.


SW: Agreed. Denny is a beast and he lets the band just go!


JD: And that’s all I have to say about that.


SW: Ok, Forrest. Onto another heavy chapter involving a body part.


  1. Heavy Hearts (2014)


JD: Ew.


SW: Sorry. My dad jokes are endless.


JD: Incredible save. Anyway, this album was Chad’s return to the band and the band came out swinging.


SW: I bet he had a lot of unfinished business!


JD: “Mimic” and “Bombay,” both of which are right in the middle of the album, created a full circle moment for fans of the band’s early days.


SW: Well said. Lots of changes a brewing!


  1. Changes (2008)


JD: Changes was obviously a monumental moment for the metalcore scene of the late-2000s. This album changed the game for a lot of artists in this world, and set the stage for future heavy bands. 


SW: Joey Sturgis!


JD: He did a phenomenal job on this record, especially so early into his career. The album title is correct in that it totally described what was going on in the genre.


SW: Admittedly, I didn’t know about this band in 2008, but never again!


JD: Track six, Scott.


SW: You’re foreshadowing our future. This world around us is crumbling.


  1. Six (2018)


JD: You and this band are both unstoppable.


SW: Girl, thanks.


JD: (laughs) I love this record and it’s the band’s most recent release. Producer Josh Schroeder killed it, and the songs are very radio friendly.


SW: It was a great transition outside of the metalcore community. Very accessible yet still heavy.


JD: I haven’t heard too many people talk about “Two Graves” and I love it. It’s a very underhyped song, in general.


SW: If you don’t listen to it right now, there will be a void in your life forever.


  1. Relentless (2009)

JD: This album is the polar opposite of a void. I still play the CD in my car over ten years later.


SW: So sweet, Jonathan. The polar opposite of nightmares.  


And that’s all she wrote! We cannot wait to hear more gems from For The Fallen Dreams.