Peter Argyropoulos of Sons Of Silver is a huge Radiohead fan. We both agree that Ok Computer is the band’s penultimate album and ranked all twelve songs “worst” to “best”. Check out our conversation below where we justified each choice by strictly using other Radiohead song titles:

  1. “Fitter Happier”

SW: I can’t.

PA: Fake plastic trees.

  1. “Climbing Up The Walls”

SW: In limbo.

PA: The bends.

  1. “Electioneering”

SW: Anyone can play guitar.

PA: Sail to the moon.

  1. “Lucky”

SW: Daydreaming.

PA: Black star.

  1. “The Tourist”

SW: How to disappear completely.

PA: Street spirit (fade out).

  1. “Airbag”

SW: Ripcord.

PA: Creep.

  1. “Exit Music (For A Film)”

SW: Motion picture soundtrack.

PA: (Nice dream)

  1. “No Surprises”

SW: Weird fishes/ Arpeggi.

PA: Sail to the moon.

  1. “Subterranean Homesick Alien”

SW: Daydreaming.

PA: Go slowly.

  1. “Let Down”

SW: Optimistic.

PA: Knives out.

  1. “Karma Police”

SW: The national anthem.

PA: You and whose army?

  1. “Paranoid Android”

SW: Everything in its right place.

PA: Where I end and you begin.