Lead vocalist/bassist Mark Faroudi of Orlando’s 408 works very closely with A Day To Remember’s producer/svengali Andrew Wade, so it was no trouble getting him to talk about the band’s top ten songs. All I want is for you to read below:

  1. “A Shot In The Dark”

SW: Going old school here! Here’s to the past!

MF: Indeed. This song was super inspirational to me during my early band and high school years.

SW: The band was about to truly blow up one album later.

MF: I blasted the hell out of this song when it first came out and I still do.

SW: The album is a fan favorite. This song is a deep cut that KILLS.

MF: It truly cut above the rest at the time and I love how collaborative these songs are. 


  1. “Start the Shooting”

SW: An album to remember, for sure!

MF: This was another big one for me back in the day.

SW: I don’t think a band could get away with a single called “Start the Shooting” in 2020 and beyond.

MF: Things change but this song is forever inspirational.

SW: And those gang vocals!

MF: ADTR is a gang and the multiple vocals in the chorus blend together for one of the best mixed pieces in a song. 


  1. “Have Faith in Me” 

SW: And now we’re onto the next record and my favorite song from it!

MF: This song means a lot to me.

SW: I am not going to make the obvious dad joke.

MF: Haha. I have many years experience singing this song in my car in a very upset fashion.

SW: I’m sorry. Have faith in your vocals.

MF: They just wanna see me fall!


  1. “If it Means a Lot to You” 

SW: This track is the opposite of a fall. It’s STILL huge.

MF: And let’s not forget the build up towards the end…

SW: Very powerful. Like Sierra’s vocals. DAMN.

MF: Such an amazing amazing song.

SW: La, la, la.



  1. “Welcome to the Family” 

SW: Ok. We can stop singing now. 

MF: (screams)

SW: Fair response. (pauses) Welcome to the family.

MF: Thank you! This song has my favorite ADTR chorus.

SW: The band is so good that their verses sound like choruses.

MF: Well said. For some reason, the overall mood and execution of the song hits even harder eleven years later.


  1. “Holdin’ It Down for the Underground” 

SW: I still can’t believe that Homesick is over a decade old. 

MF: And the band STILL holds it down!

SW: I like that you made the dad joke before me.

MF: Yup. Amazing band, amazing song.

SW: The band’s sterling catalog tells me on a daily basis that “we’ll be okay.”

MF: Let’s go back, let’s go back!


  1. “Better Off This Way” 

SW: Back to the future? This track is from the record that took Homesick’s huge reach and expanded it tenfold!

MF: Holy cow, I listened to this song so much when it first came out.

SW: Were you better off that way?

MF: YES! This song and the band’s catalog truly helped me after a big break up. 

SW: Well, you’re certainly better off NOW!

MF: I wondered if you noticed!


  1. “All Signs Point to Lauderdale”

SW: I noticed all the signs.

MF: 2010 was an upsetting year so these ten tracks helped me cope. 

SW: I think that this song may contain the most universal set of lyrics in the band’s catalog.

MF: Another banger for sure.

SW: And we have two more to discuss…

MF: ‘Cause our time’s worth something bigger than you and me.


  1. “City of Ocala” 

SW: You’re quite polite. Would you say that you showcase (wait for it, wait for it) common courtesy?

MF: (pauses) Fuck ya!

SW: This album is underrated. The production is MASSIVE.

MF: And Jeremy was in peak form throughout.

SW: Lyrically AND musically.

MF: It’s true. I love the meaning of the song as well.


  1. “I’m Already Gone” 

SW: And now we’re done. Before we’re already gone, do you have any parting words?

MF: Any one of these songs could have been #1 here, but no other song in the band’s catalog hits me as hard. The ballady folk vibe only enhances its strength.


Picture Credit: @whoisjazel