Between spending hours together in the studio and weeks out on the road, bandmates often feel like family. For the musicians in Sleeptalk, that feeling of family is even more prominent. The electro-pop quartet consists of brothers Anthony and Jason Fitzpatrick on vocals and guitar respectively, along with their cousin Justin Melchor, and the genuine family dynamic within the band creates a truly collaborative environment.
Anthony and bassist Paul McGill formed Sleeptalk in early 2015, and the band has released two EPs along the way. “The EPs were a lot of fun because we were trying to find the electronic sound that we were going for while still having the full band in there as well,” shares the vocalist. Titled Pure and Young, the two EPs show how the group evolved from day one, and each musician added a significant amount to the overall sound.
“We all contribute in different ways,” Anthony adds. “Everyone writes their own stuff, and then we’ll all get together and practice all the songs to create what they are now. It’s always good to have someone else’s opinion on something because you can get stuck hearing one specific thing but someone could have a complete different idea that can make that song 10 times better.”
Those first two EPs play a big part in Sleeptalk’s overall sound, so it’s fitting that a number of the songs made the cut for their debut album, which was released July 28 via Artery Recordings. The self-titled album is comprised of brand new tracks as well as remastered versions of earlier work, all coming together to serve as a proper introduction to this new era for the band while reflecting the creative growth it took to get here.

“When you hear the electronic sound on the debut record, it’s a little bit different because we finally figured out what we were trying to portray from the EPs,” Fitzpatrick notes. “It’s very real, and it’s very us. So I really hope that everyone is able to feel that connection when they hear these songs.”

In an effort to create something that fully represents their vision, the musicians themselves are very involved in every aspect, from the music to the artwork to the merchandise.
“All the art is done in-house,” Fitzpatrick adds. “I do all of the art for everything, and we shoot our own music videos as well as edit them and get them all well and good to go. We produce all of our own merch and do all the designs for that as well. It’s a pretty big process, but it’s refreshing and a lot of fun.”
Maintaining that DIY mindset is key for these guys, and it’s something that they’ll keep consistent through releasing this debut album. “I have such a strong vibe for our band, so it’s really cool teaming up with Artery because they trust the vision that we were already putting out there,” Fitzpatrick shares.
With the support of a great team and fans eager for more, the band is looking to the future.
“We’ve already started writing the next record,” he says. “It’s just constant, constant writing. We all have too much fun doing it that it doesn’t really ever stop.”
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