Pennsylvania rock act Auggie has been working to perfect his art for 10 years now. It’s been a long road, but now, with the release of two new songs and their accompanying music videos, the artist is ready to show the world just what he’s capable of doing.

“Between A Rock and Toxic Routines” and “Lovely Days and Better News” go hand in hand. (The music videos were even shot on the same day.) Sonically, they couldn’t be more different, but the lyrical content contains the same hard-hitting message across the board. While the video for “Between A Rock..” is haunting and melodically heavy, featuring masked characters reminiscent of The Purge, the video for “Lovely Days and Better News” takes a more mellow route. Viewed in succession, the videos compliment each other well and showcase Auggie’s range of musical talent.

When asked about the singles/music videos, Auggie said:

“Ten years ago I played my first show… it changed my life the moment I walked on stage (thank you Mary Macar, Mike Rozgony and Nick Polito). Since then I’ve been relentlessly and tirelessly pushing to get to this solid starting point as an artist. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for everyone involved and everything they’ve done that’s helped me get to these first two singles and music videos. I’m lucky enough to say that I got to do this with my ‘absolute dream team’ and always with the underlying and undying support of a wonderful music-loving family. My best friends in and surrounding the band, producer/hero Paul Menotiades, recording/mixing engineer Kory Gable, mastering engineer Mike Kalajian, director Kyle Hines, and publicist “LJ” Lawrence Fickenworth are all deeply inspiring people to me beyond the music. They have all been in or worked with bands that have changed my life (and still do to this day). I cannot thank all of these people enough for this amazing job we have done. I’d especially like to thank the love of my life and best friend for thoroughly guiding me through and participating in this first overwhelming step. I am so proud and thankful for all of these people in my life – I am blessed.

“Between A Rock and Toxic Routines” and “Lovely Days and Better News” are the rage and worry that I’ve been experiencing all too intensely as a young adult watching current events all over the USA and in the world. I intended to release these songs and videos on Halloween Day of 2016, but for a variety of reasons couldn’t make it happen. After working on bringing these songs and videos to life over the past eight months, I started to worry that the songs didn’t have as much meaning to me as they did initially. These songs have various meanings, but when I woke up today to the news of the terror attack in Manchester I couldn’t help but be unfortunately and horribly reminded of one of the main reasons why I wrote these two songs and why they will always have significant meaning to me. So now in the most f***ed up sense of irony I’ve ever experienced to date, I hope and pray that one day these songs do lose complete meaning, but as a byproduct of awful events and intense politics like recent years becoming history that doesn’t repeat itself. These songs are meant to expire, they are an outcry for that day and in the meantime as I enjoy performing these songs, in the back of my mind I’m hoping that they start to help us come together in more ways than one.”

You can watch the videos for both songs below, and be sure to connect with Auggie on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.