I spoke with Dylan Garforth (Guitarist/Co-Vocalist for The Things We Were) and we waxed poetic about blink-182’s catalog. I previously wrote a piece about their albums and I was happy to go into it about specific songs. Here are Dylan’s top ten:

10. “Anthem Part Two”

DG: Dope opening song.
SW: Dope opening quote.
DG: I love that “Enema Of The State” ends with “Anthem” and blink began “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket” with “Anthem Part Two”.
SW: Such reckless abandon from the power trio!
DG: It’s a fun and energetic song.
SW: It is an amazing set opener too! On some pop-punk shit, for sure!

9.“On Some Emo Shit”

DG: I see what you did there.
SW: I see what I did there.
DG: This song is underrated. “Nine” is underrated.
SW: “Nine” is my favorite Skiba-182 album.
DG: Same. I love the chorus on this one.
SW: Speaking of chorus’!


DG: This song contains the band’s most anthemic chorus.
SW: This song contains the band’s most anthemic guitar riff.
DG: (sings intro)
SW: That was alright.
DG:  I was born the year that this song came out.
SW: I was sixteen. Ugh.

7.“What’s My Age Again”

DG: Another memorable guitar song. I tried learning how to play it forever ago and I still can’t nail it perfectly.
SW: Perfect practice makes perfect.
DG: Perfect single makes blink.
SW: I see what you did there and I like it.
DG: All kidding aside, this song encapsulates the bands “Never Grow Up” attitude.
SW: And the video too! Ballsy.


DG: Indeed! “Dumpweed” hits you right in the face when you first listen and doesn’t let up.
SW: (sings intro)
DG: Exactly. Another perfect opener.
SW: I couldn’t agree more. This is probably my favorite live blink song.
DG: I can’t wait to go to the rock show.
SW: Later!

5.“Don’t Leave Me”

DG: I heard an acoustic version of this before I heard the electric one.
SW: You’re so punk rock. I first heard this song right after I first heard “Dumpweed”.
DG: So much energy!
SW: Prime Mark vocals!
DG: And now I’m covered in tattoos with blink logos and an actual Mark guitar pic.
SW: They’ll never (wait for it, wait for it) leave you.

4.“Going Away To College”

DG: (puts face in hands)
SW: And this placement is going to offend “Aliens Exist”.
DG: Anyway, this song vividly brings me back to high school.
SW: This is not a dad joke. This song came out months before I left for college.
DG: I guess this is growing up?
SW: Wrong song but so right!

3.“The Rock Show”

DG: A year without Warped Tour feels like a wrong year.
SW: I don’t disagree.
DG: Every time I listen to “The Rock Show” I think of summers at the warped tour.
SW: I think of destruction caught on film.
DG: I don’t disagree.
SW: Because she kept me waiting.

2.“Feeling This” 

DG: blink didn’t keep me waiting long for this one as I discovered this song shortly after I discovered the band.
SW: I’m glad that you were feeling it.
DG: I was and still do! And what another solid opener!
SW: It kickstarted their “mature” album, for sure!
DG: I don’t know if you’re ready for my #1.
SW: Are you moving to another neighborhood?

1.“After Midnight”

DG: Literally. As I said before, I was a little late on the blink train but this song inspires my writing process to this day.
SW: Your word’s a robbery.