Warner Records’ Director of Streaming Partnerships Ben Farber is the biggest blink-182 fan that I know… And that’s saying a lot as I know quite a few super-fans. Anyway, we decided to rank blink’s pre-2005 hiatus album catalog in a 100 percent subjective manner.


  1. Buddha (1994)

BF: Carousel.

SW: Carousel.

BF: This debut album is the definition of so-cal garage pop-punk.

SW: That means a lot coming from a no-cal person.

BF: Is that a word?

SW: Is fentoozler a word?

BF: Haha. It is now. Back to “Carousel”. It has certainly stood the test of time, and I love that blink-182 re-recorded it on the next mention.

  1. Cheshire Cat (1995)

SW: Better. Buddha.

BF: I concur, Mr. Waldman.

SW: Thanks, Peggy Sue.

BF: “Wasting Time” is my favorite song on Cheshire Cat.

SW: I like how Tom says the word “time”.

BF: Toime.

SW: Yup. I also like Mest’s album Wasting Time.

BF: Wasting Toime.

SW: Haha.

BF: This record is raw and polished at the same time.

SW: You just blew my mind. We’re just about done here.

BF: I love that this album features a song about me.

  1. Dude Ranch (1997)

SW: Mr. Farber, that joke was pathetic.

BF: Dammit, Scott! Stop being so boring.

SW: I’m sorry. I’m a degenerate.

BF: Can I have a new hope for the rest of this article?

SW: This was the first blink album that I ever heard.

BF: It was handed to me as a cassette tape by my buddy Glen. Thank you, Glen.

SW: Thank you, Glen. And fuck you if you claim that you heard Cheshire Cat first. You. Are. Lying.

BF: That doesn’t make feel enthused.

  1. Untitled (2003)

SW: What doesn’t make me feel enthused is that most people think that this is a self-titled Blink record. It is an UNTITLED Blink record. End rant.

BF: Scott, I’m feeling this. Isn’t it obvious?

SW: You’re next to me right now, but I miss you.

BF: (sings Ba dum dum)

SW: Dude. Dude. DUDE. Blink got Robert Smith from The Cure to sing on this album.

BF: I was down for that.

SW: I was down for the band’s musical progression. It’s a shame that the band split shortly after the record.

BF: That was the day that I decided that I was lost without them.

SW: Speaking of making people upset…

  1. Enema Of The State (1999)

BF: Fuck you, Scott. The next album on this list is Enema Of The State but I am not going to talk about this album and neither will you.

SW: Ok, Farber. I guess this is “Words From A Farber” now. Fuck you too. You suck.

BF: Indeed. Immaletufinish, but The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show is the best live album of all time.

SW: I don’t disagree, but fuck you.

BF: No, fuck you. “Man Overboard” is a better song than you.

SW: I have no counterargument.

BF: Ok, I caved. This album changed my life. I am not joking.

SW: Ok, I’ll cave too: Fuck you, Ben.

BF: I love you, Scott.

  1. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001)

SW: I love this album. It’s perfect and peak Blink.

BF: It was very difficult for me to rank ANY album above Enema, but I do agree: This album is when Blink was at its finest.

SW: Anthem part three.

Bam. Enjoy this Spotify playlist at least nine times, and, uh, go: https://open.spotify.com/user/124459245/playlist/61ZEKPoCnc6IO5z01eaB5A?si=L0JSHTmpSuKbIABROSxeVw.