Nowadays it seems like internet fame is just within reach of anyone with a Youtube Channel or a TikTok account. To the popular and talented few on SoundCloud, it can be a one-way ticket to stardom. Zack Villere is no exception. Previously called Froyo Ma, Villere grew his online following with his eccentric and quirky drum bases, muffled singing and fascinating beats. His unpolished work has attracted many young fans who enjoy a minimalist and raw sound. While his fans are loyal, they’re still growing. A half empty Lincoln Hall awaited Villere’s set on a chilly Wednesday in February. Although the show wasn’t sold out, every audience member was there with a purpose and excited for the evening.

Part of Villere’s allure relies on his naturally unfiltered nature. His set was filled with a couple of song start redo’s and guitar tuning. He also told the audience a number of times how tired he was, which can normally be a turnoff for folks who are eager to see a live show. These admissions only added to the character of Zack Villere, an artist who is relatable in a way that makes his listeners feel at ease with, perhaps, their own awkwardness that comes with being a young twenty-something. Of course, this is Villere’s first major tour to date, so perhaps traveling from city to city is providing an unfamiliar type of sleep schedule. Despite this, his set was still entertaining and filled with some of his classic songs which provided nothing but smiles from a buzzing audience.