Soulful alt-pop singer/songwriter Spencer Sutherland has just released his latest single, “Wonder.” The song’s release comes with an accompanying music video that features actress Katie Sarife (Annabelle, Supernatural).

“Wonder” is an ode to frazzled & confusing thoughts; an insight into Sutherland’s creative mind as he questions himself and tries to find the answers he desperately seeks. “Wonder is a very honest song that encapsulates overthinking. All the lyrics are asking questions internally, and these are the exact questions I ask myself — “I wonder if I’m still myself, cause lately I’m acting like someone else,'” Sutherland explains.

The track builds throughout the song with Sutherland guiding us with his sky-soaring vocals, perfectly demonstrating the variety of soulful pitches he can reach. The video for “Wonder” taps into Spencer’s love of aesthetics and fashion from the 60s and 70s, featuring dream-like sequences, rich colors, and showcases the pair dressed head-to-toe in retro garments. Finding himself on the beach, Spencer battles himself while he confronts all of the questions overflowing in his mind.

The aforementioned Sarife appears in the video, working as a counterpart to Sutherland’s person — where is he frantic and confused, she is poised and collected.

Watch the music video for “Wonder” below.