Noah Gundersen has a new album coming in just two weeks. If you’re at all familiar with Gundersen’s ability to craft music that will burrow deep down into your mind, you know why this is exciting news. If we had it our way we’d have White Noise in our hands right now. To tide us over until the release, Gundersen has released a new track from the album, the stirring “Heavy Metals.”

The song clocks in at five and a half minutes and employs just about every trick in Gundersen’s considerable collection. That runtime allows for a slow buildup in sound and intensity, a hint of distortion under Gundersen’s voice while synths and drums steadily mount. The back half of the track is an epic climax, with the lyrics and vocals filled with emotion and a guitar solo that will wow listeners.

You can listen to “Heavy Metals” below. Noah Gundersen’s latest album White Noise will be out on September 22 through Cooking Vinyl America.