Electro alt-pop songwriter/multi-instrumentalist /producer Valerie Orth who oozes confidence and stands for important issues from feminism to culture to technology.

Orth is excited to announce her single, “Rabbit Hole,” title track of her upcoming release, due out December 4, 2020. The NYC-by-way-of San Francisco artist writes with a strong, feminist sense of self, addressing themes around the human condition and the degradation of how we interact with each other and with the earth became starkly clear. Integrating live instruments with electronic sounds, her music is unique, authentic, catchy and compelling.

An educator and an activist, Valerie also co-leads Beats By Girlz NYC and produces The League of Badass Women Podcast. Beginning her career in musical theater at a young age (5 years old), Orth did not become a songwriter/guitarist until her college years. She wrote and recorded her first albums with a band in San Francisco, but upon moving to New York, she started beat making and producing her own tracks.

Many songs were inspired by one thing or person, but slowly, over time, re-writing, performance and production, they morphed into something else, often with a deeper message than Orth originally imagined, or intended.