HAUNTER releases their latest single produced by Tyler Smyth, Risk It All, via Print Money Gang. The band continues to grind it out and release music despite the current pandemic conditions  we are all living in.

“I wanted to write a song about being fearless. Whether that be like taking a chance with your crush or risking everything to build a life you love. You gotta just go for it. Live bold. You never know what could happen if you go for it. So just go ahead and text your crush and ask them out after listening to this about 30 times!” – Lucy LeNoir

“I think with all our songs there’s always these elements of nostalgia that come through. We seem to be enamored with the possibilities. A love between what currently is and what might be. I think “Risk It All” really ties in those ideas of living with passion and fearlessness.” – Enoma Asowata

Song Credits:
Written by: Lucy LeNoir, Enoma Asowata, Tyler Smyth, Mike Ray, and Mark Schroeder
Produced by: Tyler Smyth
Mixed by: Tyler Smyth
Mastered by: Tyler Smyth
Cover Art: Cameron Burns – Instagram
Art Direction: Enoma Asowata
Label: Print Money Gang (Independent)
Photo: Taylor Foiles – Instagram