“Lay me down in my backyard” is how the beautiful new single and video “Backyard” from indie alternative band Whale Bones begins, as the main character John saunters through beautiful, unique Indiana scenery. For the first single off upcoming debut album Island Fire, the lights of dusk slowly flicker on and he rides his motorcycle into a place of peace, where finding himself seems to come natural as the flocks of birds flying above him. Strolling alongside a bridge into the forest feels like something we have all done while trying to escape for just a moment, where we find fresh breaths and take a moment to listen to the leaves crunching beneath out feet. “Backyard” is the perfect single to soundtrack moments like that. When Asked about the song, Nathan Kane of Whale bones said,

“Backyard is a song about hope and peace. The beginning is all about wishful thinking and hopes I have for my future, but then it transforms into focusing on practices in order to achieve those goals.

I tend to beat myself over things that ultimately don’t hold any weight, and I end up further sabotaging myself. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to reject negativity and instead search for the goodness in the world and in my life. I’m really optimistic for the future.

The video was inspired by Terrence Malick’s film ‘To the Wonder’. There are so many beautiful and wide nature shots in that movie, and Malick does a great job of carrying a story with little to no dialogue. Theres something so introspective and peaceful about that silence. Joe Etemadi and I worked closely together in order to capture the same emotional intimacy. Joe, Paul, and myself spent a few days location scouting, and then we spent three days filming all across Indiana to cover different terrain. Our friend John, who used to play bass in Whale Bones, was our main character. He spent a year traveling the US and living out of his van, so he was the perfect choice for the role.”

As “Backyard” approaches the halfway mark, the rest of the band and instruments come in heavy, smashing the lullaby into what feels like the end of winter and beginning of Spring. Symbolizing something more than just another wonderfully directed and produced video, Whale Bones have created something much more meaningful than that in their new album Island Fire, even in the symbolic album artwork, featuring a burning Canadian island. The video for “Backyard” is one that will make you want to find your old spot, the one you find peace, and run to it. Find the Island Fire track list below, and lose yourself in the brand new video.
Island Fire
01. Island Fire

02. I’ll Try
03. Inaction
04. Reciprocation
05. Begging For Light
06. Desperate Lie
07. Once Bitten
08. Twice Shy
09. Backyard
10. Contrition
11. The Warmth