Half Measure is the musical project founded by multi-instrumentalist/producer/singer/songwriter Stephen Keech. His story began when he spent his early years singing and touring with the Solid State Records’ band, Haste the Day, and later on joining As Cities Burn.

Eventually, Keech wound up in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has gone on to make a career out of writing music for film, T.V., and media as a whole. Now, he is a songwriter at Soundstripe, which is a licensing company providing unlimited, royalty-free music for video, podcasts, and other media. Soundstripe’s songs are created by a slew of talented full-time, in-house musicians and producers such as Keech.

It’s a unique business model that supports musicians, even in the midst of this pandemic that has taken a wrecking ball to the live music industry. And it’s also a platform that enabled Keech to start Half Measure, and released the debut EP, Somebody Like You, earlier this year via Soundstripe Productions.

Now, Half Measure has released a new single today, titled “1982,” and Substream is excited to be bringing you a premiere of the song today. The indie-rock track is as dreamy as it is nostalgic, and was written while Keech was visiting family in Texas.

I wrote and recorded 1982 in my 14 year old nephews room. I spent some time at my sisters house in Texas and brought along a portable recording rig. My nephew let me use his room and I set up at his desk. The same desk that I had in my room when I was a kid. I immediately felt nostalgic,” Keech explains. “The concept of the song jumped into my head, maybe because the whole house, neighborhood, and the desk I was sitting at all had this really 80s vibe. I blended that with my actual experience at a school dance, standing awkwardly, breathing irregularly, and trying to talk to the girl that I liked when she was surrounded by her friends, all while I wore my dad’s tie.”

Listen to the new song from Half Measure below.