Mexican American singer/songwriter Lourdiz one of the most exciting new artists in today’s music. She’s well-diverse, unique and with her hit song “Suicide Down,” she is a certified next-up superstar. Now, she closes out the year with potentially a lead single for her forthcoming debut album called “Somersault.”

Directed by JMP, the new visual cherish the love and support of the rising star’s community. Living by the motto, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Lourdiz takes us back to where it all started to show us where it is all heading.

“Growing up in the hood, I learned early to keep my eyes wide open and my mouth shut: no habla inglés. When I wrote ‘Somersault’, the first line ‘can’t keep my eyes closed’ speaks to that and my present journey living in LA now. I have to be sharp all the time to figure out my surroundings and what’s my next move.”

“Somersault” is available on all DSPs via Lourdizmusic. For more Lourdiz, follow her daily on Instagram.

Watch “Somersault” below.