Last week, allegations of sexual misconduct arose around Neverkept’s Dorian Cooke, and also involved Sleep On It and how they reacted after these allegations were brought to their attention.

Sleep On It released the initial statement below, addressing these allegations.

After they released the statement, which received a divisive reaction amongst fans, further allegations arose against Sleep On It, involving improper behavior and misconduct allegations against their own members in the band. You can read our original story here, which covers and details all of these allegations.

Since these additional allegations have surfaced, Sleep On It has maintained their silence via social media. However, today, the band returned to social media to release a lengthier statement on the allegations, as well as announcing their plans to disband and break-up the band.

In their statement they address their initial response to hearing of the allegations against Cooke prior to this information becoming public, their decision to end Sleep On It, and what they have done personally and individually, including seeking therapy and reaching out to different organizations as well.

Read the full statement from Sleep On It below.